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Hire Tech Talent in Indonesia - Tips & Pointers

Keith Tan
August 25, 2017

Hiring for technology openings is an extremely hard task at the moment, due to the fact that average engineers or developers can probably pick and choose where they want to go – because they are in high demand and companies are feeling the pressure to fill these roles. So how can you stand out and attract top tech talent?

Involve Everyone in the Hiring Process
Hiring tech talent in Indonesia tends to be centralised. I would recommend changing that. Don't leave hiring up to the hiring manager and HR. Involve the entire company. Involve the direct team. The direct team, or the direct tech lead at the very least, has the most information about the job and the culture. Giving accurate information to potential candidates, candidates feel at ease and know if this job is a right fit for them. Additionally, you open yourself up for possible internal and external referrals. At Wonderlabs, we provide a referral bonus to any internal Wondernaut that refers a successful candidate. In fact, tapping on this network, especially in the tech space, where friends and peers can refer one another, has been one of the best strategies we have implemented.

“Candidates are 10x more likely to listen to their friends. Our Wondernauts are the ones who can most accurately vouch for what it’s like to work here.”

Build an awesome careers page
An attractive careers website gets people interested, and you want to convert browsers into applicants. Think of it this way - if a tech company can't hack together a great careers page, then why should top tech talent join you? We use our careers site, and really our entire site (note: we are in the business of hiring top tech talent in Indonesia) to tell your business story, show what it’s like to work at Wonderlabs. We try and continually give future employees more information they need to click apply.

Here are some of the questions we try to answer on our careers page:
     1. What sets your organisation apart?
     2. What makes the Wonderlabs culture desirable?
     3.  Why is Wonderlabs distinctive?
     4. Why should I (as a top tech talent) even think of joining Wonderlabs?

PS: This is an opinion piece by Keith Tan, Group CEO of Wonderlabs. Wonderlabs is the leading service provider helping companies build and manage software development teams in Indonesia and Vietnam. Across our various shared and dedicated centers, we have over 350+ active software developers. Since our founding in 2015, we have grown rapidly through innovation and our relentless mission focus - Connecting you to success and productivity. Alumni of Wonderlabs have gone on to work at some of the biggest companies in Southeast Asia.

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"I started Wonderlabs because I experienced the problems of building and managing a distributed software development team in Indonesia from 2011 to 2015. I wanted to make it seamless and frictionless for companies to build and manage teams. On the other hand, I found that there are so many amazing software engineers in Indonesia and Vietnam and wanted to connect them to employers in Singapore, Hong Kong and Jakarta" - Ivan Chang, Executive Chairman, Wonderlabs Group

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