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Human Resource for tech talent is different - here’s why

Keith Tan
November 06, 2018
1. Control means responsibility
When you hire a dedicated, full-time team of software developers in Vietnam (or any location really), you have full control over their work product. It also means you are responsibility for directing them in the correct direction. As many of you know, managing people in the same office can sometimes be challenging. What more when they are based in a different country! But the need and demand for software necessitates that we find options to continually grow and develop our business. Vietnam has become one of the top destinations for companies looking to set up a dev team.

2. Regular updates reduce miscommunication
Thanks to many software tools today, you can be in constant contact with your dedicated remote team in Vietnam, working out of our offices. What we recommend is a daily stand up with your software engineers in the morning. Check in on what is to be done for each person. Sometimes, this is done every 2 or 3 days. You decide the cadence depending on what suits your needs and the seniority of the team. An end of the day check in is a good idea too, especially for the first three months. We are often very hands on in the first couple of months when a client is new. Many of our clients send their PMs down and work out of our offices every month or quarter, and this greatly reduces miscommunication.

3. Need to clarify matters
Set aside some time each day to reply to all the clarifications required. This should be required for each PM who is managing a team of software developers in Vietnam. A delay in replying to and sufficiently elaborating on clarifications will lead projects to go haywire or become delayed very fast. It is the power of compounding! We provide Slack Accounts for your developers, but they can plug into any communication platform you deem the best.

4. Is it cost effective?
When we first started, it was about cost effectiveness. Our value proposition was to help clients save hiring and management costs by setting up or moving their software development teams to Vietnam. However, today, what we find is that our value proposition is that we are able to locate, recruit excellent technical talent, developers, engineers, and even user interface designers for clients. Clients have huge problems hiring for such positions in their home countries. And our talents are able to deliver the results that the expectations of our employers. So while cost is a driver, I think scarcity is also a driver of demand. We at don’t try and specifically compete on price, although you will probably find that our management fees are amongst the lowest in Ho Chi Minh City. Where we try to provide value is to give uncompromising service to our clients. Our value is that we are based in Ho Chi Minh City, we, as Singaporean founders are there on a daily basis and we understand your expectations.

PS: This is an opinion piece by Keith Tan, Group CEO of Wonderlabs. Wonderlabs is the leading service provider helping companies build and manage software development teams in Indonesia and Vietnam. Across our various shared and dedicated centers, we have over 350+ active software developers. Since our founding in 2015, we have grown rapidly through innovation and our relentless mission focus - Connecting you to success and productivity. Alumni of Wonderlabs have gone on to work at some of the biggest companies in Southeast Asia.

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"I started Wonderlabs because I experienced the problems of building and managing a distributed software development team in Indonesia from 2011 to 2015. I wanted to make it seamless and frictionless for companies to build and manage teams. On the other hand, I found that there are so many amazing software engineers in Indonesia and Vietnam and wanted to connect them to employers in Singapore, Hong Kong and Jakarta" - Ivan Chang, Executive Chairman, Wonderlabs Group

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