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Why build an ODC (Overseas Development Centre)

Keith Tan
August 17, 2017

Offshoring has multiple benefits, especially for small and medium sized organizations (up to 300 people). Let me numerate these benefits:

1)  Focusing on the core business

Every business has a core competency. Apple's core competency isn't in manufacturing, but in designing and marketing new products. Ask yourself what is your core competence.
2)  No Infrastructure & Office Cost
Doing IT or Software Development in-house means infrastructure and asset purchases - computers, big screens, keyboards, office space. A external vendor can take care of this for you.
3) No Recruitment Problems
Companies need to recruit and maintain top technical talents to manage their software development. Recruiting top technical talents or software developers is a tedious and time consuming task. We know! We have a dedicated team of Talent Acquisition Specialists (silver tongued recruiters) constantly in touch with thousands of top software developers all across Indonesia. A long hiring process needs to be followed to employ skillful staff. When you tap into an external vendor, like Wonderlabs, you tap right into a robust recruitment pipeline that gives you access to top technical talents, the very best software developers in Indonesia. Even though we only have campuses in Jogjakarta and Bandung, we search nationwide.
4) No Legal Liabilities
The cost of living is high where you are, compared to offshoring or outsourcing destinations like Indonesia and Vietnam. Further to the cost of living, you are supporting taxes, transport, insurance and mandatory government contributions. ODCs allow you to eliminate these payables.

Why build your offshore software development team in Indonesia?

1) Fast expanding technical and professional pool:
Indonesia has the largest technical and professional talent pool in the region. While India currently holds approximately 65% of all outsourced IT jobs, this is fast changing!

2) Effective Communication:
Effective communication plays a vital role in decision making and planning strategies. Indonesians are much more proficient in English than their counterparts in South East Asia. In fact, English is taught in primary schools in Indonesia. Many of our Wondernauts (our talents) also have received additional tuition in English.

3) Incredible Mobile Speeds:
Because Indonesia is a mobile-first country, the mobile speeds are so incredibly fast. Australians and Americans are often stunned by how rapid mobile data speeds are. You can have a 3 hour WhatsApp or Skype call without a single interruption. That really makes working with a remote team a much bigger joy.

PS: This is an opinion piece by Keith Tan, Group CEO of Wonderlabs. Wonderlabs is the leading service provider helping companies build and manage software development teams in Indonesia and Vietnam. Across our various shared and dedicated centers, we have over 350+ active software developers. Since our founding in 2015, we have grown rapidly through innovation and our relentless mission focus - Connecting you to success and productivity. Alumni of Wonderlabs have gone on to work at some of the biggest companies in Southeast Asia.

Why Singapore Startups should consider setting up here

"I started Wonderlabs because I experienced the problems of building and managing a distributed software development team in Indonesia from 2011 to 2015. I wanted to make it seamless and frictionless for companies to build and manage teams. On the other hand, I found that there are so many amazing software engineers in Indonesia and Vietnam and wanted to connect them to employers in Singapore, Hong Kong and Jakarta" - Ivan Chang, Executive Chairman, Wonderlabs Group

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